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Taylan "Ty" Yalniz

Taylan Yalniz ///
A Turkish-American International Educator, NAFSA Academy Graduate. Web Designer & Front-End Developer. Living in Arlington, VA working in Washington DC, USA. Missing his home state, The Wild & Wonderful West Virginia!
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Social Media: How Content Turns Prospects Into Customers

Social Media: How Content Turns Prospects Into Customers

In the world of social media, organizations across the globe are trying so hard to gain a valuable online presence, but most tend to have one common mistake! That is; lack of valuable content or lack of understanding the value of sharing important, interesting, and helpful content with their audience.

“Let’s face it—it’s not easy to create compelling content day in, day out. In fact, without proper knowledge, it’s practically impossible. But it can be done. It starts with understanding three fundamental things about yourself and your market space…” says Patricia Redsicker, in her socialmediaexaminer.com article. [Read more]

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